Are you just starting out in photography? You want to BOOST PHOTOGRAPHY? If you are, then here’s a helpful list of points for you. These will give your boost to your  photography and  massive kick to image in term of quality, and it doesn’t matter what camera you have. You can take good photographs with any DSLR camera.

Boost Photography


Be prepared to move around. You may have to get down on your knees or even lie down to get down to your subject’s level. Don’t photograph a crawling baby while standing; get down to the baby’s level. That perspective will evoke more emotions when the photograph is printed and viewed. Get down when shooting landscapes to use your foreground to convey a sense of depth.


For landscape photographs, make sure the horizon line sits on the first or the third horizontal line that divides your viewfinder into three thirds. A horizon line in the middle produces boring landscapes that will do nothing for your viewers.

3.Go macro

Traditionally macro photography has been associated with floral and fauna. But resist the urge to get out into the garden to find the smallest ant to photograph. Instead, think of macro as a great way to isolate details in an image.

4. Go Digitally

There are lots of tools and software available to make some creative work. As a new photographer you should use such tools instead of doing all your work manually, eAlbum is free platform for photographers to give some new creative stuff to customers. It allow you to upload videos too and help you make your difficult process very easily.

5. Shadow Play

Shadow play is most prevalent in situations when the sun is high in the sky creating harsh shadows on the ground, on buildings and directly unto the subject. But magic with light also happens indoors. Learn to embrace this high contrast between shadow and sun and try to capture some creative angles.