Why have a portfolio?

An online portfolio should be a collection of your very best images to showcase your skills as a photographer or as a model. It should represent the level of quality the client can expect if they hire you. Having the best of your best images in one place, along with your contact information, makes it easier to share with others and increases your online visibility — leading to more jobs. So start free photography marketing of your business with ready to use tool.

Photographers, imagine a potential client reviewing your portfolio to hire you for a portrait shoot. So why make them weed through your amazing landscape or macro images to view one or two portrait images? Instead, create multiple galleries filled with images specific to that gallery. After the client views the images they came to your portfolio for, they have the option to look at your other work.

How to create free portfolio and Start photography marketing?

Simply create your profile at ealbum.in you are set to prompt your self for free.

Photography marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of a profitable photography business.
A lot of photographers make the mistake of letting their marketing slip when they are busy. When things slow down, they find that customers are no longer coming through the door.

One of the best ways to get new clients is through referral and offers. In fact, referrals are one way your business can experience unprecedented growth.
When you give someone a gift for referring your services, it gives them an incentive to do so.
You can do this in a variety of ways. You can give then a discount on their next session or buy them a gift card.
A referral program will let customers know what they will get for recommending you. It’s a small investment that can pay off in dividends.
Also, don’t forget to thank friends and family. They spread the word about your business and bring you new clients. They can be your biggest sources of referral. You should give eAlbum as free in this modern time to your customer to get your portfolio view by more peoples. eAlbum is best platform to start with, which provide almost everything free to photographers to boost business, Codnix Studio is also an alternative solution for you to create something awesome for your customer..